Mon, 11 Dec 2023

People spend more time in their homes and take cleaning and disinfecting more seriously, so there is a need for smart cleaning devices.

Redkey actively develops technologies that can increase the efficiency of cleaning and save time. One of the brand's innovations is the Redkey W12 vacuum cleaner, which is suitable for eliminating not only dry dirt and dust, but also liquid dirt.

Suitable for both dry and wet cleaning, the new 2022 can thoroughly remove dust and wash your floors immediately. Another key feature of Redkey W12 is its self-cleaning function, which makes the vacuum cleaner very easy and convenient to use.

A flexible vacuum cleaner for different needs - it cleans both dry and liquid dirt.

The Redkey W12 vacuum cleaner can remove debris that is beyond the reach of conventional vacuum cleaners. It handles both wet and dry dirt, so you can easily remove spilled milk or coffee, dirty paw marks from pets, dry cereal spills from children and, of course, dust.

In the living room and bedroom, the Redkey W12 is more effective than traditional vacuums because it can not only eliminate dust, but also mop floors, eliminating the need for a mop. In the kitchen or bathroom, where traditional models usually don't help, the Redkey W12 can easily handle different types of debris. Whether it's spilled ketchup or cereal in the kitchen, water and hair in the bathtub, the Redkey vacuum will remove them quickly and help you clean up quickly in any room.

Time-saving - it vacuums and cleans the floor at the same time.

The Redkey W12 vacuums and scrubs the floor at the same time. This means you can finally forget about the difficult stages of cleaning when you have to vacuum first, sweep up dry debris, and then mop the floor for a long time. The innovative design of the W12 will save you a lot of time during the cleaning process, making it faster, easier and more comfortable.

No need to get your hands dirty - the vacuum cleaner cleans itself.

The self-cleaning function makes your vacuum even easier to use. There is no need to put on gloves and wash the cleaning roll after vacuuming. Just press a button and the roller cleans itself by directing the dirty water into the cleaning container. No need to get your hands dirty and in contact with dirt. With Redkey's innovation you have much less to worry about when you're cleaning.

It has two built-in motors for its self-cleaning function and two tanks: one for clean water, one for waste. Also, the device has IPX4 moisture protection, so it can remove liquid dirt.

Light weight, long battery life, no water leaks - and these are not all the advantages.

Besides the ability to handle liquid contaminants, the W12 also solved many other problems of wet and dry vacuum cleaners, such as difficulty with water leakage and the heavy weight of the devices. The Redkey W12 is programmed to stop the water supply before it shuts off. It also has a special tray on the nozzle that can hold water and prevent leakage. Thanks to advanced technology, the total weight of the new model is only 3.8 kg.

The 45-minute battery life is enough to clean an entire house. The LED screen displays the remaining battery power, self-cleaning status and other data. The model also offers voice prompts with important information, including when the battery is low or self-cleaning is needed.

Dust removal, floor cleaning, self-cleaning - the Redkey W12 3-in-1 wet and dry vacuum is the perfect solution to help you get your home clean and comfortable quickly.

Original Source of the original story >> Redkey released their new W12 wet and dry vacuum cleaner with self-cleaning function.

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