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Inbox: That was enough fun for one day

05 Feb 2023, 17:12 GMT+10

Lean toward the guys in the trenchesMike Spofford

Max from Toledo, OH

I see the Packer site has 25% off. Does the mean I get 25% off my II subscription?

I take a half day off and somehow I'm not surprised this is what I come back to.

Jeff from Indian Lake, NY

Spoff on a Saturday, an unexpected treat! My girlfriend is a huge Eagles fan so I've watched most of their games this year. The strength of their team is undoubtedly their pass rush. Every guy who puts his hand in the dirt for them has a chance at bringing the QB down on any play. The savvy veterans with Graham and Cox and the young guns with Sweat and Reddick. Mahomes' ability to escape and create or lack thereof will be the difference in the Super Bowl in my opinion.

I think so, too. That and Philly's running game.

John from Yakima, WA

Where are the women from in the Celebrating Women In Sports photo? Local high schools, colleges, other?

They all work either for the Packers or at Lambeau Field.

Bruce from Travelers Rest, SC

Wes mentioned Creed Humphrey's rapid development at the center position. When the Packers picked Josh Myers one pick ahead of Humphrey they were clearly in the market for drafting a center and had their choice of the two. Do you recall any reasons why the Packers preferred Myers to Humphrey? Humphrey is left-handed. Perhaps that was the tiebreaker. It is hard not to think about an O-line that would have had Humphrey, Elgton Jenkins and David Bakhtiari from center out to the left.

I don't know if Humphrey being left-handed influenced the decision. I know the Packers liked Myers' size at 6-5, 310, but Humphrey is only a tad smaller at 6-4, 302. Overall, Humphrey's first two seasons have gone better than Myers', but Myers is by no means a finished product. He has the tools.

Julian from Gastonia, NC

Looking at mock drafts there appears to be a good chance that GB will have an opportunity to match their first pick with an area of need. Defensive line or edge, wide receiver, safety, tight end or possibly even right tackle although I'm high on Zach Tom. That said, my old standby is that it's very hard to win games if you can't stop the run. I hope they go defensive line or safety in Round 1, and focus on tight ends and wide receivers on day two. What do you think?

When you're 8-9, the needs list is long enough that you can't go wrong taking the best available player. If all else is equal, go with the bigger need. If the acuity of needs is equal, lean toward the guys in the trenches.

Tom from New Braunfels, TX

I really hated to see the OG leave the defensive coaching staff. I have seen several articles implying a falling out with the DC and going his own way with the DB schemes for games. If this is true, I wonder if the correct coach left the team (by his own choice, letting his contract run out). I think we can all agree the defense was still an inconsistent and disappointing aspect of the team. Just makes me wonder where the loyalty is coming from for the current DC with the results and OG gone.

All valid questions, but I don't know if what you reference as implied was true or not. If there was difference of opinion within the coaching staff, it wouldn't be a first in the NFL by any stretch. Nature of the business. If there, to what extent it impacted the defensive performance, only the coaches themselves would know.

Dave from Waterford, OH

With respect to the comment about the Mannings not ever meeting in the playoffs, the only chance for that was in a Super Bowl matchup.


Jay from Wilmington, NC

The Patriots didn't lose another game the rest of the 2014 season! I didn't know that. We all know they would have if it wasn't for the unspeakable! I still truly believe that day will flash before my eyes when they close for the last time. Boy that would have been an amazing Super Bowl.

However it would've turned out, never seeing Aaron Rodgers vs. Brady in a Super Bowl is a loss for all fans of football in my view.

Jim from Marietta, GA

II noted Brady and Reggie White's careers had overlapped. If one were to play NFL 6 Degrees of Separation regarding Brady, how far back do you think it could go? Asking for a friend. Thanks.

I started trying this and then got off track, because White's first year with the Eagles was Herm Edwards' last as a player. But then Edwards made me think of the original "Miracle at the Meadowlands," as he returned the Joe Pisarcik fumble for the game-winning TD, which brought me to "Miracle at the Meadowlands II," when DeSean Jackson capped Philly's 28-point fourth quarter with a punt return for a TD as time expired, costing Tom Coughlin a clipboard and setting up the Packers to win their final two games to make the 2010 playoffs. That was enough fun for one day.

James from Appleton, WI

I wouldn't be surprised if the Packers drafted a quarterback, but I'd be surprised if they did so in the first three rounds. And Aaron Rodgers returning for another season or not won't make any difference.

I tend to agree.

Dwight from Brooklyn, NY

If this is a dumb question, then guilty as charged. What do the stars under the "C" of the captain's badge signify?

The number of years the player has been a captain. If the "C" and stars are all colored in, then the player has been a captain for five or more years.

George from North Mankato, MN

What happens to a fired coach's contract? Take Nathanial Hackett, for example, he had a guaranteed contract for multiple years when he signed with Denver. I assume he's going to receive a salary from the Jets as their new offensive coordinator.

Whatever the Jets are paying him reduces Denver's contractual obligation by the same amount. It's an offset. The bottom line is he'll collect the amount the Broncos owe him whether he's working elsewhere or not.

Craig from Johnson City, TN

Since Vic claimed that he started "Ask Vic" with the Jaguars as a way to explain the salary cap, there has always been math in II. But seriously, I don't believe AR will retire this year. I just don't think he would want to share the spotlight with TB in five years. Whether he stays a Packer or is traded, he has earned our loyalty and respect. If he is traded can, it be designated post-June 1 like a cut or would the trade have to wait till then? That would make more sense for the cap.

From what I've read, players traded before June 1 can't be given a post-June 1 designation for cap purposes. The early designation applies only to released players, should a team choose to exercise it.

Greg from Westerville, OH

It's time for my annual Super Bowl rant. The NFL needs to enter the 21st century and realize that the use of Roman numerals went away roughly 1,600 years ago. It was really cutesy when the concept first began because most people can at least count to 10 in Roman numerals. After that, most people haven't a clue (let's see, is the "I' or "V" added or subtracted from the "L"?). Unless you took Latin in high school, it's a mystery. Why not just call it Super Bowl 57 instead of Super Bowl LVII?

I said seven years ago when the league went with Super Bowl 50 (instead of the Super Bowl L) it was the perfect time to make a permanent switch. As usual, nobody listened to me.

Keith from Lincoln, IL

The Packers will host the reigning Super Bowl champions at Lambeau next year if the Chiefs win. We did it last year with the Rams in primetime. How would you speculate the 2023 Packer scheduling may be different if the Chiefs win or if they lose the Super Bowl?

I don't think the scheduling of that matchup will be impacted at all by the Super Bowl outcome, but it could hinge on who's playing QB for the Packers.

Terry from Mechanicsville, NY

When instant replay was first started to be used, I predicted that it would eventually through the years wreck professional football to a point that it's unwatchable. I know the networks have a lot of power, but if the owners and referees' union forced the networks into full-speed replays only, the networks aren't going to give up the revenue these games produce and the games would be more enjoyable to watch! Twenty-two referees (one for each player) wouldn't be enough at the speed these players play!

The networks aren't going to shell out the billions they do to broadcast the games and then be told how to broadcast them. Not happening. And the owners aren't going to accept less money simply in order to dictate as such. Also not happening.

Dusty from Minot, ND

Is it true that it is virtually impossible for the Packer to relocate to a different city with the way the team is incorporated?


Matt from La Crosse, WI

Building on Jamie from Canada's question about who gets championship rings, where is the cutoff for team employees? Do the people taking care of the field get rings? They seem pretty important. What about players on IR or the practice squad?

Just about any player who spent time in the locker room during a championship season gets a ring. Individual clubs decide on employee distribution. The league gives the winning team a dollar figure to put toward rings, and then it's up to the organization how far beyond that number it wants to go in terms of ring design, number produced and awarded, etc.

Doug from Lithia, FL

Mike, regarding your answer to Hank on the touchdown-to-interception ratio of today's QBs as opposed to decades ago, I think it is appropriate to mention that the rules have changed drastically in favor of the offense. Deacon Jones' head slap is gone, offensive linemen are now able to use their hands while blocking, DBs are no longer able to bully receivers all over the field and, my favorite, the area of the QB's body that rushers are able to hit has diminished by 50% and hits better not be late.

All valid points, and all those rule changes over time have led to passing games becoming infinitely more sophisticated because the structure and style of the game now lends itself to doing so much more X's- and O's-wise through the air.

John from Rhinelander, WI

Continuing with Johnny's question from yesterday, would you consider choosing two traits from Lynn Dickey for the perfect Packers quarterback even though he is not HOF, and what would they be?

I'd take one from Dickey - deep ball accuracy.

Steve from Phoenix, AZ

RE: your slightly cynical response to Al from GB. Perhaps it wasn't intentional grounding ... 'cause it wasn't intentional?

Saw this from a few folks. C'mon now, bringing rationality into any officiating discussion will only confuse the issue.

Bob from Rome, NY

Gentlemen, do you ever see the day in the near NFL future where the replay assistance rule (expedited replay) is used all the time and the challenge flag is eliminated? The NFL has enough speculation about what teams received bad calls, let alone forcing some teams to have to throw the challenge flag to review plays, and others coming from the league. Thank you!

I believe it's only a matter of time before it gets to that point, but how long it'll take I don't know. For years (decades?) now, the league has tried to balance the desire to get calls right without making the games too long. Eventually it'll realize getting the calls right as best anyone can is the only right answer.

Bill from Forest Park, OH

One suggestion regarding NFL officiating I heard on local Cincinnati sports talk radio this week is to increase the number of officials on the field from seven to eight. It was noted that other sports as well as college football have added officials over time. I think a combination of another official with the sky judge concept and Mike's blue-in-the-face discussion regarding simplifying the rule book/reviewing safety-related calls could go a long way towards improving officiating.

I do not strenuously object. Have a great weekend, everybody.

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